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Jacoby-Tarbox Drop-In Spray Ring - Video Demo

DID YOU KNOW? Jacoby-Tarbox offers a full line of spray rings for installation directly against sight windows to direct secondary fluids (liquid or gas) against the window to remove debris. 

Standard Features:

• Size Range: 2” through 10”

• ASME Flange Class: 150, 300, 600

• “Ring” style centered by bolting

• ¼” NPT Supply connection

• Material: 316 SS

• Maintains window rating

• Compound angle radial and cross jets

​Optional Features:

• Material: Corrosion resistant alloys

• Non-ASME flanges (DIN, JIS, MIL)

• Larger sizes

• Assembled windows and sight flow indicators

Check out the example video below!

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