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Clark-Reliance Filtration Products

The experts at OFS can help you and your team select the proper oil purification system or service for optimal fluid cleanliness. We design and build the complete solution, including the cartridge filter elements, pressure vessels, and control systems.

We can help:

  • Extend the Life of Rotating Equipment

  • Minimize Premature Failure of Critical Components

  • Reduce Emergency Outages and Downtime

  • Maximize Equipment Reliability

  • Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs

With over 120 systems stationed in three depot locations in North America, we mobilize quickly for emergency outages, scheduled outages, routine maintenance, and commissioning of new equipment.

- Vacuum Dehydrator Systems
- Varnish Removal Systems
- Oil Circulation Heater Skids
- Particle Filter Skids
- SF6 gas purification & transfer carts
- Low Flow Filter Carts
- Filter Housings
- Coalescer Housing Assemblies
- Laser Particle Counters
- High Viscosity oil purification


Enervac has been successfully designing & manufacturing mineral oil purification systems and SF6 gas reclamation & purification systems since 1978. Our oil purification systems remove dissolved moisture, dissolved gases and particulate
from transformer oils, synthetic oils such as phosphate ester oil, refrigeration oil, silicone oil or fire-resistant oils and circuit breaker or switchgear oil. Our SF6 systems provide recovery, storage and purification / filtration for reuse in SF6 filled equipment. Transformer Oil Regeneration Systems provide all the benefits of fullers earth treatment without the high costs of contaminated fullers earth disposal or replacement.

We offer a full range of oil and SF6 gas rental equipment with 3 rental depots in North America.

  • Transformer Oil Purification & Regeneration Systems

  • SF6 Gas Reclamation & Purification Equipment

  • PCB Decontamination Systems

  • Vacuum Dry-Out Systems

  • Oil Heating Systems

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Aerosol and solids removal from gas or steam with constant differential pressure, no moving parts or replaceable media. Anderson mechanical separators control flow direction and velocity to remove contaminants down to 3-micron. We can supply the complete ASME vessel or the internals. We supply manufacturers with design assistance and our internals for mounting in their vessels. As a ready to install vessel or in component form, Anderson is the trusted name in vane, and centrifugal separation.

Clark-Reliance® provides multiple elements. Each element series is designed specifically to the fluid. Absolute contaminant removal is dependent on matching the filtration media to the application. With filter elements for lubrication oils, hydraulic oils, dielectric oils, natural gas, liquid fuels, and select water-based applications, Clark-Reliance
filter elements group provides the technical support critical use filter applications.

  • Elements that eliminate confined space entry for change outs

  • Filter elements for absolute particle removal from 0.3 to 100 microns

  • Coalescing elements for absolute aerosol removal down to 0.3 micron (0.08 ppmw effluent cleanliness)

  • High Viscosity Filter elements

  • High temperature and extreme service elements

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