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Bolt-On & Security Sight Windows

Bolt-On & Security Sight Windows

Jacoby-Tarbox bolt on and security sight windows provide safe, economical tank viewing from light to severe service.  Model 5800 UniGlas® sight window plus a retaining flange combine to simply change any flange or studding outlet into an observation port.

Weld-On Sight Windows for ASME Pressure Vessels

Weld-On Sight Windows for ASME Pressure Vessels

Jacoby-Tarbox Pressure Vessel Quality (PVQ) windows, circular and obround, are available manufactured in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. 

threaded sight windows

Threaded Sight Windows

Jacoby-Tarbox manufacturers sight windows with both male and female threaded connections.  Specialty UniGlas sight plugs are available up to 4000 psig (275 bar).


Phaeton® LED Explosion Proof Process Lighting

Jacoby-Tarbox specializes in introducing new lighting technologies to the sight flow indicator and sight window industries.  The Phaeton XTL is based on ultra high-intensity LED technology and easily illuminates large vessels, reactors, and large sight flow indicators with dark liquids.

drop-in spray ring

Drop-In Spray Ring

Jacoby-Tarbox offers a full line of spray rings for installation directly against sight windows to direct secondary fluids (liquid or gas) against the window to remove debris.

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