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Uni-San® Hygienic Sight Window

Jacoby-Tarbox® Uni-San Hygienic Sight Windows take the highly successful UniGlas® products into hygienic applications.  UniGlas windows have been used in the most challenging services in the world without ever having a catastrophic failure.

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Hy-Sight Hygienic Sight Flow Indicator

Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Sight features the cleanest glass to metal transition point, resulting from precision boro glass, positive stop design controlling compression of tightened tolerance EHEDG inspired O-ring capture.


Hy-Trap Hygienic Bubble Trap

Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Trap™ Hygienic Bubble Traps off consistent performance over a wide range of sizes and customizable configurations.

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Hygienic Lighting

Lighting for Hygienic Applications

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Hygienic Eductors

Jacoby-Tarbox eductors offer consistent performance over a wide range of sizes and customizable configurations for both in line and in tank applications.

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GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps

Jacoby-Tarbox offers a full line of GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps for uniform gasket compression to seal with controlled gasket intrusion, maximizing process integrity.

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GRQ SafeGuard

GRQ Clamp SafeGuard for Pharma, Biotech, Food, and Beverage Service. Jacoby-Tarbox’s GRQ SafeGuard for use with GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps ensures a safe and secure tamper-resistant hygienic union connection.


Specialty GRQ Clamps

Jacoby-Tarbox’s full line of GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps now includes specialty clamps for more challenging applications.

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