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Jerguson Case Studies

Understanding the Use of Magnetic Level Gages and ASME Code Compliance on Power Boiler Applications

A Magnetic Level Gage may be an excellent addition to the drum level instrumentation on your Power Boiler application. However, in order to properly apply a Magnetic Level Gage on a Power Boiler, you must first understand the specific minimum requirements for water level instrumentation in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

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Color is Critical

Without an illuminator, it can be difficult to determine where the fluid level is inside of a dirty level gage or one that contains a dark fluid, such as heavy oil. For this reason, the color of the illuminator is critical to cut through dirt or coatings on the glass or penetrate dark colored fluids.

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Proper Commissioning and Startup - Jerguson 360 Valve

Improper startup/commissioning of a traditional gage cock valve can cause the ballcheck to seat and the level in the glass gage to be incorrect.  Proper commissioning of traditional gage cock valves requires that the valves be "cracked open" 1/4 to 1/2 turns to allow fluid into the gage without seating the ballcheck.  

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Maintenance Personnel Frustrated with Confusion of Ballcheck Position

A refinery in Southern Ohio reached out to our applications engineer regarding frustration with the inability to tell if a traditional gage cock valve was fully open (the position required for the ballcheck to operate correctly).  The man was walking the plant daily checking each valve to ensure it was fully open.

Read the full document here.

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