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AccuBlend CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
A Jacoby-Tarbox® Program™


Eductors require no power, which means no moving parts.  The design of the educator creates pressure differential allowing fluid to flow naturally within the device – creating suction, mixing, and pushing the liquid throughout the tank.

Watch the short video below to see Jacoby-Tarbox® Tank Liquid Agitators™ treat waste water in a chemical facility.​​

Jacoby-Tarbox TLAs & Jacoby-Tarbox In-line Eductors are designed and built to provide optimum performance.

And we can prove it !

Jacoby-Tarbox® is the only Eductor manufacturer that can design your mixing solutions based on actual computational data.

Send us your specifications:

1. Goal of Mixing: blend, suspended solids, stratified layers, heating

2. Tank (“reservoir”) dimensions

3. Fluid properties

4. Turnover time

We will send you the proof !

Our Engineers will simulate your mixing application in our Accublend CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) program and show you the stages of mixing, including flow and directional velocities, until fully blended.  We can provide the number of TLA’s required for your mixing needs and visually show; velocity profiles, velocity of the fluid in the tank, and a digital video snapshot of your tank being mixed over time.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
accublend Computational Fluid Dynamics

The different colors represent velocity magnitude in the tank, dark blue having no movement and red having the highest movement.  In the fully blended tank, there may be two different velocities but there is overall movement in the tank.  In this example, the tank is 45 feet tall and 32 feet in diameter. Tank volume is 250,000 gallons, the fluid property is water and turnover time is 1 hour.

CFD Validated Design, Full ASME Rating

  • CFD used to maximize efficiency and performance

  • Smooth specified finish for optimum flow paths

  • Mixing tube section designed to withstand pipe stress

  • Wrench flats to prevent damage during installation

Superior by Every Measure

  • Backed by superior application engineering services

  • Supplied to meet your delivery schedules

  • Designed and built in the USA

Jacoby-Tarbox offers a wide variety of materials depending on your specific application:

  • Carbon Steel

  • 316 Stainless Steel

  • Bronze

  • PVC / CPVC

  • PVDF

  • Monel®

  • Hastelloy® C

  • Duplex

  • Stellite®


To obtain your AccuBlend CFD tank analysis, educator inquiries, application questions or quotes, please contact us at; or call 440-572-1500.

Immediate availability in online store at

Click here to contact us with your specifications.

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