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Hy-Trap Hygienic Bubble Trap

Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Trap™ Hygienic Bubble Traps offer consistent performance over a wide range of sizes
and customizable configurations.

The Hy-Trap design features superior manufacturing techniques across all sizes.
• Centered inlet promotes even dispersion
• Inlet far from wall, leads to faster, more consistent cleaning


Aggressive Drain Design (ADD)
• Highest angle of all manufacturers (>10°)
• Intersecting OD to ID and ID to OD tapers
• Radiused drain entry
• SF4 wetted surface finishes


“L-shape” Seal
• Eliminates Glass-to-metal impingement
• Designed specifically for each glass size
• Self-centering
• Superior cleanability


Sizes and Materials
• Sizes: 4” 10 ” (100 250 mm)
Additional Sizes: Consult Factory
• Materials: 316L SS, Type 1 Borosilicate
Custom materials and pressures: Consult Factory

Hy-trap comes standard with unit and accessory mounting brackets.
• Remove stress on bubble trap from tubing-only mounting
• Decrease stress on tubing from a heavy bubble trap

hygienic bubble trap with second top connection
hygienic bubble trap
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