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Drop-In Spray Ring
Flange-Mounted Sight Windows

(All Pressure Classes)

Jacoby-Tarbox offers a full line of spray rings for installation directly against sight windows to direct secondary fluids (liquid or gas) against the window to remove debris.

Standard Features:

  • Size Range: 2” through 10”

  • ASME Flange Class: 150, 300, 600

  • “Ring” style centered by bolting

  • ¼” NPT Supply connection

  • Material: 316 SS

  • Maintains window rating

  • Compound angle radial and cross jets

Optional Features:

  • Material: Corrosion resistant alloys

  • Non-ASME flanges (DIN, JIS, MIL)

  • Larger sizes

  • Assembled windows and sight flow indicators


  • Liquid – Rinsing windows

  • Liquid – Remove build up

  • Gas – Blow off powders

  • Gas – Purge window

  • Gas – Cooling

  • Gas – Warming

  • Gas – Defogging

  • Gas – Condensate removal

*Application Note - Flushing liquid recommended to be at least 10 psi (.7 Bar) higher than process pressure. When using steam, limit duration of cleaning and pressure differential to maximize window life.

Optimized Design: Jacoby-Tarbox engineers used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to model fluid
flows and optimize both window coverage and cleaning time for all applications.

  • Efficient use of Secondary (cleaning) fluid:

    • minimize consumption and impact on process

  • Maximize process visibility

Easy Installation: “Ring” style will drop-in and self-center within flange bolting like standard ASME ring gaskets.


spray ring.jpg
cfd spray ring model.JPG

Blue =
Cleaning Velocity

Red & Yellow =
Accelerated Cleaning

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