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Bolt-On & Security Sight Windows

Jacoby-Tarbox bolt on and security sight windows provide safe, economical tank viewing from light to severe service.  Model 5800 UniGlas® sight window plus a retaining flange combine to simply change any flange or studding outlet into an observation port.

5005-DW dual window security sight window

Security Sight Window Features:

• 5005-DW features patented Factory Mutual approved Dual Window (DW) design

• Protection against stress concentration, thermal shock, corrosion, erosion, and overpressure

• Corrosion resistant linings: PTFE, PFA, and rubber
• Pressure range: Full Vacuum (FV) to 1500 psig (103 Bar)

Bolt-On UniGlas Sight Window Features:

• Strongest, safest, most impact resistant, thermal shock, and overpressure
• Pressure range: FV to 1500 psig (103 Bar)

5005-DWA  sight window
5800 bolt on sight window
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