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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Unique Process, Unique Problem -Contact Us for Unique Answers

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Problem :

A bioplastics manufacturer needed a mixing solution for their tank farm. Their goal was to blend process chemicals in their tanks. The EPC involved on the project recommended Jacoby-Tarbox Tank Liquid Agitator (TLA) technology to their customer versus mechanical mixers. This is due to the reduced cost and maintenance needed. Applications include prevention of settling of solids and general blending.

Solution :

The EPC provided us the application information, tank drawings, and piping specs from the bioplastics manufacturer in order for us to perform multiple Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses to properly quote the number of units, sizes, and placement of the units in the tanks.

Eductors require no power, which means no moving parts. The design of the educator creates pressure differential allowing fluid to flow naturally within the device – creating suction, mixing, and pushing the liquid throughout the tank.

Unique Process, Unique Problem. Contact Us for Unique Answers.

We want to hear from you! Submit any product or application questions you have to and we will have our technical expert, Clarence Dela Vega, reach out to assist.

unique tank liquid agitator eductor

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