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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Jerguson Magnetic Level Products Lunch & Learn - MAJOR refinery in the Midwest US

We had Jerguson Product Manager - Magnetic Level Products, Robert Bolin, onsite at a major refinery in the Midwest US, giving a lunch & learn presentation on Jerguson Magnetic Level Products.

DID YOU KNOW? The Magnicator Indicator is connected to a process vessel. The chamber, or “column”, contains a sealed float with a permanent magnet assembly which rises and falls as the liquid level changes in the process vessel. The permanent magnet assembly in the float is magnetically coupled to an indicator, which is mounted externally to the gage column but completely isolated from the process liquid. Indicator flags are rotated by the float magnet assembly as it moves up and down in the chamber providing highly visible indication of where the level is inside of the vessel.


Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators are an attractive alternative to sight glasses for many applications. They provide improved visibility, reduced maintenance, and eliminate leak paths associated with sealing glass. Reducing leak paths is critical amongst many users for flammable or toxic service.

For more information or to contact us directly about lunch & learn opportunities, click here.

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