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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Issues reading a traditional boiler water glass gage

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We were called out to a paper mill in South America - they had an issue reading their traditional boiler water glass gage. This particular boiler runs at 1400 psi. The customer had no way to compare the level of the gage to the level on the DP transmitter. Maintenance on this gage was also an issue, as it would take a full day to repair. It was critical that they have a boiler water glass gage that was easy to see at any angle, any distance (see before and after picture below).

The Clark-Reliance Solution: We demoed our Simpliport® Boiler Water Level Glass Gage and the customer immediately saw the benefits from switching their traditional gage over to a Simpliport 180. Wherever you may be standing within 180° of the Simpliport Wide Angle Hood, you can clearly see the bright red or green indication of steam and water level. You will decrease your exposure time to the boiler environment, while maintaining a crystal clear view of a direct reading gage as required by ASME. #maintenance#water#southamerica#papermill#boiler#gage#glassgage#instrumentation#levelgage#ASME#boilertrim#Simpliport

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