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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Is Your Boiler Code Compliant?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We had a major order come in from a customer in the Dominican Republic. The customer had seen the image below in our Boiler Inspection Guide Book and had a eureka moment and knew that was exactly what his plant needed. He even included on the scope of supply the drain and isolation valves that are on the sketch.

Is Your Boiler Code Compliant?

We’ve given away thousands of copies of this authoritative guidebook to boiler operators and insurance companies. This revision includes detailed guidelines for Magnetic Level Gages (the Magnicator®).

It concisely presents ASME Section I water gage inspection requirements for handy, on-the-job reference as well as the Code Changes and CSD-1 Requirements :

- Water Columns

- Remote Level Indicators

- Water Gage Valves

- Magnetic Water Level Gauges

- Gage Glass

- Water Column Isolation Shutoff Valves

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