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Absolute Protection of Critical Use Equipment with Anderson Separators & Filter Elements

The Problem:

Throughout the midstream sector, compressors are used to maintain system pressure and convey gas through the system.  These compressors push some lubrication oil (tramp oil) into the gas.  If the oil is not removed, it can cause foaming or fouling.

The Solution:

Clark-Reliance is active in the gathering, transportation, treatment, and storage segments of the midstream market. In terms of equipment, we have provided Anderson® Mechanical Separators (Vane Separators, Centrifugal) and Coalescing Vessels (with our Filter Elements) around the world. We have excelled in critical use applications and applications with high loading.  Critical use applications can be defined as:

  • Contactor Towers

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Fractionation Towers

  • Gas Sweetening Equipment

We remove aerosol droplets of water, natural gas liquids, and most importantly, compressor lube oil.  Our coalescing elements are absolute rated with removal efficiencies of all aerosols & particles 0.3-micron and greater at 99.98%.   

Our coalescing vessels with our filter elements have proven to be effective at protecting contact towers in the gas gathering areas.  In this application, we see high loads of tramp hydrocarbon that needs to be removed.  Our vessels and high efficiency coalescing elements have been shown to be more effective than others in head-to-head testing.

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