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Re-Introducing the Jerguson® Mini-Magnicator™

We are excited to re-introduce the Jerguson® Mini-Magnicator™ - a light duty magnetic level gage with superior visibility and a compact design! The new and improved float for the Mini-Mag is now capable of driving accessories and the enhanced magnetic field eliminates skipped or missed flags.

Models beginning with: MII-15B

The Mini-Magnicator is specifically designed for the light duty industrial market. These versatile and economical level devices can be utilized in a variety of applications.

How it works:

The Magnetic Level Gage chamber contains a float, with magnets, that rises and falls as liquid level changes in the storage vessel. The float is magnetically coupled to the external indicator, whose flags rotate to indicate level, as the float travels by. The updated design utilizes the Jerguson patented magnetic arrangement for superior reliability.

The Magnet Matters!

Jerguson uses a unique float construction with 360 degree ring magnets with north poles opposing. This yields a strong focused magnetic field which eliminates skipped flags and provides reliable activation of switches and transmitters.

For more information on the Mini-Mag, click here.

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