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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Low-E Valves on a 4 section glass gage goes to a major refinery in the Midwest

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

We are shipping three 4 section, glass series size 8, transparent close hook up series 20 gages (48TCH20) bridle assembly with 67LE valves and illuminators to a major refinery in the Midwest! Keeping on with our Low-E topic from last week, these 67LE valves are low emission certified to API 624 to provide compliance with EPA standards.

67LE valves are offset pattern with union gage connections.

Offset Pattern: Valve bodies are designed so the gage connections are offset 7/8" from the centerline of the vessel connections. By removing the vent or drain plug, the interior of a top and bottom connected gage may be swabbed without disassembly.

Union Gage Connection: Furnished with a union gage connection which allows a top and bottom connected gage to be rotated to any desired angle for convenient visibility. It also makes possible removal of the gage without removing the valves or draining the liquid from the vessel - a feature which saves time when gages must be cleaned or maintained.

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