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Jerguson® Magnicator® MLI with SAS-16 Switches & Hot Insulation headed to an energy company in the SW US

It’s #MagneticLevelMonday here at Clark-Reliance! Check out this 12-foot Jerguson® Magnicator® Magnetic Level Indicator headed to an energy solutions company in the Southwest United States. This Magnicator comes equipped with SAS-16™ Snap-Action Switches as well as a hot insulation jacket.

DID YOU KNOW? The SAS-16 switch mechanism is based on a unique Jerguson tri-magnet design where the snap action is accomplished by the utilization of magnetic repulsion. The magnet mounted in the float causes the secondary magnet to rotate as it passes up and down. The switch magnet is repelled by the secondary and snaps to the opposite side. This causes the cradle to pivot, moving the push rod which operates the switch contacts. The result is positive snap action interlock switching – no springs…no cams…no problems.

For more information on all of Jerguson's Solutions, click here.

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