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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Dual Chamber Magnicator® with Guided Wave Radar - Specialty Products Manufacturer in LA

Check out this Jerguson® Magnicator® with Guided Wave Radar (MGWR™) – Dual Chamber, headed to a Specialty Products Manufacturer in Louisiana.

DID YOU KNOW? By combining Guided Wave Radar (GWR) with a Magnetic Level Gage, the Magnicator Guided Wave Radar (MGWR) brings a new standard of assurance to level indication.

The MGWR seamlessly integrates two independent level technologies off a single set of process taps for true redundant measurement. The Jerguson Magnicator utilizes a wide indicator for superior level visibility, and a unique magnet arrangement, so you never have to worry about skipped or missed flags. The GWR transmitter obtains an independent reading of the liquid level, providing an accurate output even in the case of float failure. The GWR transmitter will read the true level of the fluid even if the density of the product varies.

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