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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Don't Sacrifice Reliability When it Comes to Your Level Transmitter


THE PROBLEM: Reliability issues with 'traditional' magnetrostrictive transmitters in terms of installation, setup, and connectivity.

THE SOLUTION: With patent pending signal capture technology, the JMT™ Series Magnetostrictive Transmitter can be mounted on almost any chamber configuration without sacrificing reliability. The dual-entry enclosure allows for safe access to the HMI where information can be had with a single touch of the button including current level information, settings, and a LIVE graph showing you the real-time waveform. The JMT is designed to work and be fully configurable with generic HART®. Every aspect of the JMT has been developed for maximum reliability and ease of installation, setup and connectivity.  

Magnetostrictive Transmitter represents a time interval between the initiation of a current (or interrogation) pulse and the detection of a return pulse. The electronics generates a pulse and creates a magnetic field along the length of the sensor wire mounted externally to the Magnetic Level Gauge chamber. A return pulse is sent back to the housing when the magnetic field of the float interacts with the wire. The electronics converts the time interval of the return pulse into a 4-20mA loop powered output signal. Magnetic level gage float with strong magnetic field (Floats with Alnico 8 ring magnet) can help achieve real-time highly accurate readings.

Notable Features of the JMT™ Series Magnetostrictive Transmitter:

  • 4-20 mA loop powered; 12.5 to 36 VDC

  • HART Protocol Communication Standard (HART 7 EDDL Pending)

  • Sensing lengths from 12 inches (305mm) to 360 inches (9 meters)

  • Process Temperature -300ºF to 700ºF (-185ºC to 372ºC) (Insulation Safeguards Required over 350ºF [176ºC])

  • ETL approved for USA, Canada, ATEX and IECEx (Explosion/Flame Proof /Intrinsic Safety)

  • Dual Compartment NEMA 4X; IP66 Enclosure

  • Epoxy Coated Aluminum Standard

  • 316SS optional

  • One-Touch Waveform Graphical Display

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