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WF Series Wide Indicator
Bigger. And Better.

wide indicator - magnetic level gage
wide flag indicator

Jerguson® recommends flag indicators for virtually all applications, thus flags come as standard on Magnicator® products. However, there is nothing “standard” about their design and construction. They are the most reliable, shock resistant and longest lasting available. And now, they’re also the widest!

The NEW Jerguson® WF Series Wide Indicator

  • Industry best 1.5″ (38.10mm) width

  • IP68 Rated Hermetically Sealed construction available

  • Single stainless steel precision stamping

  • Permanent ceramic magnet in each flag

  • Dual rotation points

At rest, each flag is strongly attracted to each adjacent flag of the same color, with an active magnetic field of 200 Gauss at the leading edges. This attraction can only be broken by a magnetic field strong enough to cause the flags to rotate (the Magnicator float assembly), making each flag assembly extremely shock and vibration resistant. 

Potential Problems with Other Manufacturers’ Indicators

Skipped, Missed Flags

Weak magnetic coupling between the flags and float  magnetic field can lead to missed flags and unreliable  indication. Operator must manually “reset” the flags or wait for the level to cycle.


Other Potential Problems:

  • Flags can fade with exposure to UV light (sunlight) or temperatures over 500ºF (260º

  • Shuttle/Follower indicators prone to weak coupling, dropping.

  • Anodized or plastic flags with stickers are prone to change in appearance (or even melt) due to exposure to UV, heat.

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Download our Retrofit Application Sheet

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