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Series RW400 Weld Pad™ Liquid Level Gages

For Pressures Up to 400 PSI @ 400˚F

Low Pressure Weld Pad Gages Reflex Only – 2 Hole Pad Design


  • Welded directly to the vessel

  • User must determine if acceptable for ASME Sec. VIII

  • Recessed Gasket Seat in Pad only

  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass conforming to BS3463, JIS B8211, & Din 7081

  • Wetted parts conforming to NACE MR0175 & MR0103 available

  • All parts listed in ASTM or ASM

These weld pads are available with reflex type glass only. The weld pad features a 2-hole design which allows fluid to flow freely through the gage, provides more reinforcement when welded to the vessel and simplifies fabrication as the vessel wall only needs two thru-holes to match the pad vs. machining a slot. As an option, the pad can be machined with a radius to conform to the vessel O.D. The pad comes standard with a recessed gasket surface to provide lateral support and facilitate positioning during assembly. All weld pads are constructed from high quality materials listed in ASME Section II. The gages come complete with precision die cut gaskets and tempered borosilicate glass which conforms to DIN 7081. Weld pads are generally used for non-critical applications because the process must be shut down for gage maintenance or replacement.

Series RW400 Weld Pad™ Liquid Level Gages
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