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Jerguson® Series 90™ Safety Ballcheck
Steam Jacketed Gage Valves

Jerguson No. 90 Series Valves are designed especially for use with heated or cooled gages.  A jacket surrounding the valve permits circulation of the heating or cooling medium.  Four 1/4″ holes are tapped into the jacket for connection to the heating-cooling supply and / or tracing tube.

  • Plain or quick closing stem

  • Regrindable and renewable seat

No. 90 Series Valves

The series consists of the following valves:

  • No. 93 – Jacketed valve with union vessel connection and non-union gage connection

  • No. 94 – Jacketed valve with union vessel connection and union gage connection

Standard Features:

Convertible to Quick Closing: Plain closing threads and handwheels are standard.  Quick-Closing valves, stems and levers for chain operation can be furnished upon request at no extra cost.  These stems have quadruple thread for full closing or opening in 1/4″ turn.  Valves can be converted at any time by replacement of stem and sleeve.

Regrindable, Renewable Seat: Union sleeve bonnet construction permits regrinding of valve seat.  Valve seat may be renewed by removing the seat with a standard wrench.

Union Vessel Connection: A union vessel connection allows the valve to be easily installed and permits access to the ballcheck without disassembling valve.

Union Gage Connection: No. 94 has a union gage connection which permits a top and bottom connected gage to be rotated to any convenient position or, when the valve is closed, permits removal of the gage without draining or removing pressure from the vessel.

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