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Jerguson® Series 86™ Safety Ballcheck Valves

Jerguson No. 86 Series Valves are designed and manufactured for use with flat glass gages, instrument piping and for other applications requiring a rugged valve in the higher pressure ranges.

  • Working pressure to 10,000 PSI

  • Reciprocating backseating stem

Standard construction with a spiral wound gasket between bonnet and body is rated at 6,000 PSI and 100°F.  When a Viton “O” ring is used (No. 86-HO or 86-VO) in place of the spiral wound gasket, this valve is suitable for pressure up to 10,000 PSI at 400°F.  It is designed specifically to be compatible with Jerguson’s 10,000 PSI Series 51 Flat Glass Gage.

Jerguson® Series 86™ Safety Ballcheck Valves


OS&Y construction provides a steel yoke which supports the stem away from the body of the valve.  The threads are thus outside the valve body and do not come in contact with process media.


No. 86 Valves are available with male socket weld or flanged tank connections only.  The two outlet connections for gage and drain are 1/2″ N.P.T. – on 86H and 86V, and 1/2″ socket weld on 86HO and 86VO – unless otherwise specified.

No. 86 Series Valves

The series consists of the following valves:

  • No. 86-H – standard construction

  • No. 86-HO – with Viton “O” ring between bonnet and body and under renewable seat and drain plug

  • No. 86-V or 86-VO – with vertical ballcheck

Standard Features:

Loose Knob, Backseating Stem: The disc on the stem is keyed and free rotating.  This assures perfect seating and eliminates the possibility of galling at the seat.  Acme threads are used to assure easy operation.  When the stem is backed out to its limit the knob on the stem seats against the bonnet sleeve allowing the stem to be repacked when the valve is under pressure.


Renewable Seat: The seat may be removed using a 3/4″ hex socket wrench.


6 inch Diameter Handwheel: No. 86 Series Valves are equipped with large size handwheels for easier operation.

Note: Safety ballcheck not included as standard feature; must be specified.


Valve Body         Seat       Stem       Loose Knob       Sleeve
Carbon Steel     416 SS    416 SS      Stellite #3         416 SS
316 SS                316 SS    316 SS      Stellite #3         316 SS

Standard Connections

Vessel: 3/4″ or 1″ male socket or flanged to requirements

Gage: 1/2″ female N.P.T. on 86H, 1/2″ male N.P.T. on 86V, “O” ring sealed plug 86HO and 86VO

Vent / Drain: 1/2″ female N.P.T. on 86H & 86V, 1/2″ female socket on 86HO & 86VO

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