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Jerguson® Series 60™ Safety Ballcheck Valves

Jerguson® Series 60™ Safety Ballcheck Valves

Jerguson No. 60 Series Valves are designed and built to the highest standards.  Quality features such as stainless steel stems, seats, and ballcheck, regrindable and renewable seats.  A wide selection of optional features permit a high degree of customizing to meet very specific demands.

No. 60 Series Valves

The series consists of the following valves:

  • No. 63 – straight pattern with female N.P.T gage connection

  • No. 64 – straight pattern with union gage connection

  • No. 66 – offset pattern with female N.P.T. gage connection

  • No. 67 – offset pattern with union gage connection

Standard Features:

Safety Shut-Off: All No. 60 Series Valves are equipped with a stainless steel ballcheck located upstream from the seat which instantaneously shuts off flow of medium being gaged in case of gage glass breakage.  The ball may be omitted on request.

Union Gage Connection: Nos. 64 and 67 are furnished with a union gage connection which allows a top and bottom connected gage to be turned to any desired angle for convenient visibility.  It makes possible removal of the gage without removing the valves – a feature which saves time when gages must be cleaned or maintained.

Offset Pattern: Nos. 66 and 67 valve bodies are designed so the gage and drain connections are offset 7/8″ from the centerline of the vessel connections.  By removing the plug, the interior of a top and bottom connected gage glass may be swabbed without removing the gage.

Convertible to Quick Closing: No. 60 Series Valves may be converted from plain to quick-closing, in the field, by replacement of sleeve, stem and packing.

Regrindable, Renewable Seat: The seat may be reground using the sleeve as a guide.  The seat may be renewed by removing the seat with a standard wrench.

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