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Jerguson® Series 32™ Liquid Level Gages

Jerguson® Series 20™ Liquid Level Gages

For Pressures Up To 4000 PSI @ 100°F


  • Recessed Gasket Seat in Chamber and Cover

  • Tempered Borosilicate Glass conforming to BS3463, JIS B8211, & DIN 7081

  • Wetted Parts conform to NACE MR0175 & MR0103

  • All parts listed in ASTM & ASME B31.3

  • ABS Certified

  • Carbon Steel Covers are Shrouded to Protect the Glass Edges

  • All Gages feature a continuous, one-piece chamber regardless of length

A Series 32 liquid level gage looks very similar to a Series 20, with the exception that the Series 32 glass gage features mid-span supports or tie-bars to allow for increased pressure ratings.  Note that the mid-span support is recessed.  This is very important as other brands do not recess their mid-span support which causes a blind spot in the vision.  A recessed gasket surface provides positive location of the seal gasket during both assembly and field repair and also makes it possible to repair a Jerguson gage while it is mounted to the vessel.  The recessed gasket surface is also an important safety feature in the fact that it contains the gasket and helps prevent lateral movement which could lead to a gasket blow-out (as with competitive gages.)

TEST PRESSURE: All gages are hydrostatically tested by Jerguson prior to shipment @ 1 -1/2 times the design pressure rating at 100°F (38°C).

Jerguson® Series 32™ Liquid Level Gages
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