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LevelMax™ Two Instrument Assembly
Multi-Technology Boiler Level Monitoring

The LevelMax ™ system provides one of the most economical drum level systems for ASME Code compliance and compact assembly design for any application. It eliminates a portion of the field piping and welding which is associated with traditionally independent instruments - thereby, reducing the installation cost and space required.

  • Provides local and remote indication in a compact and economical assembly

  • Specify a SmartLevel system with either a Simpliport 180 or Flat Glass Gage with DuraStar Illumination for a level indication combination that provides a brilliant remote level indicator for the control area and a reliable gage glass for local confirmation of the water level

  • Consider assemblies for either end of the drum

  • Various orientations available to maximize access to access around the drum area

  • This compact assembly provides an option to help meet code requirements with an assembly that attaches to one set of connections.

  • The gage glass may be operated, as required by plant personnel

  • Eliminate field fabrication and reduce the number of fields welds

  • Thousands of these LevelMax assemblies with two instruments are installed around the world

levelmax two technology assemblies
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