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Levalarms® Low Water Cut-Out and
Level Switch Applications

Levalarm GOLD Float-Type Switch

Levalarm® GOLD Float-Type Switch

  • For Pressures up to 1000 psi (69 Bar)

  • Zero effect from heat, vibration or loss of electrical power

  • Positive interlocking magnet design – proven over 30 years of use

  • Drop-in design requires no adjustments to commission


The new Levalarm GOLD switch represents a major step forward in reliability. It employs the same interlocking magnet operation used by Clark Clark-Reliance in its Jerguson Level Switches for over 28 years. Here’s how it works:

A stainless steel float is attached to the end of a rod with a stainless steel encapsulated magnet. The magnet travels vertically in the pressure tube. The primary magnet on the float rod inside the pressure tube drives the secondary magnet, which in turn drives the tertiary magnet. The tertiary magnet is mounted to the switch arm and activates the switch. The use of repelling magnetic fields create a positive interlocking switch that is vibration resistant.

A buoyed float will cause the reaction of the magnets to hold the switch open or closed, depending on which switch terminals are used. As liquid falls in the chamber, the float drops and directs the magnets to the opposite position which activates the switch in the opposite direction.

gold mag.jpg
EA101 Probe-Type Level Switch

Probe-Type Level Switches
For Pressures up to 1800 WSP (124 Bar)

Series EA101

  • Dual functions on boilers and tanks

  • Recommended control for power plants and processing facilities


Series EA101 models provide reliable and instant response. Probes respond to the rise and fall of water at pre- determined points, to actuate a variety of controls. Each Levalarm monitors up to 3-inch level variation. Multiple units, in series, extend the monitoring range. Use almost anywhere on water applications.

Retropak Assemblies
Convert Old EA100 Float-Design Units to Reliable Probe Operation

  • For Pressures up to 800 psi (55 Bar)

  • Eliminates float mechanism

  • Installs with no modification to boiler piping


For applications with EA100D, EA100S, or EA100SW legacy switches, the Retropak delivers a more reliable switch with less maintenance. The new access cover plate and probe is swapped out with the old float internals to create a dependable switch without requiring pipe modifications.

Retropak Assemblies.jpg
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