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Bronze Water Gage Valves
(BG Series) Bronze Lever Operated Water Gage Valves For Dependable Steam Service to 450 PSI (30 Bar)

Bronze Water Gage Valves Feature High Performance Materials for Heavy- Duty Service
The Reliance bronze water gage valves are designed and manufactured for demanding applications. Designed as high-grade valves, all models feature valve bodies and packing nuts constructed from compliant bronze material to meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Additional design features include an 18-position gage lever, integral seats and choice of screwed or flanged connections. Valve control is speeded by quadruple stem threads that allow full open/closed with only one-quarter turn. Refer to the Model Selection Guide for individual model information.

Bronze Water Gage Valves

Specification Data Chains and handles that indicate open/closed positions are provided, as required by theASME Boiler Code. Lower valves employ a 3/8” pipe tap connection for blowdown (drain). A complete valve setincludes upper and lower valve and two 5-foot lengths of chain. Valve model numbers are stamped on the top of upper valve. NOTE: Clark-Reliance does not recommend tubular glass for use above 250 WSP.


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