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NightStar® LED Illuminators

NightStar® Indicators for the Magnicator® make a level indicator continuously visible... night or day with bright LED illumination. No more flashlight searches, no more spending more time than needed in process areas.

NightStar Illuminators provide an array of bright LEDs to shine on standard mechanical flag indicators. No light or low-light, the operator can easily and reliably verify level.

  • High contrast indication

  • Not angle dependent – viewer can see clearly from many positions

  • Reduced operator exposure in process areas can increase safety

  • LEDs have a nominal life of 10 years

  • Approved for use in Class I, Div. 1 classified locations

  • FL Series Standard Flag

nightstar led magnicator illuminator
nightstar specs 1.JPG
nightstar specs 2.JPG
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