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Magnicator® with Guided Wave Radar (MGWR™)
Compact Solution With Your Preferred Radar

By combining Guided Wave Radar (GWR) with a Magnetic Level Gage, the Magnicator Guided Wave Radar (MGWR) brings a new standard of assurance to level indication.

The MGWR seamlessly integrates two independent level technologies off a single set of process taps for true redundant measurement. The Jerguson Magnicator utilizes a wide indicator for superior level visibility, and a unique magnet arrangement, so you never have to worry about skipped or missed flags. The GWR transmitter obtains an independent reading of the liquid level, providing an accurate output even in the case of float failure. The GWR transmitter will read the true level of the fluid even if the density of the product varies.

Combining 2 Trusted Level Technologies into a Single Solution!

Jerguson Magnetic Level Indicator - Density Based Level Measurement

Chamber contains a sealed float with magnet arrangement that rises and falls as liquid level changes in the process level.

  • Strongest magnetic field of any Magnetic Level Indicator

  • Highly visible level indication

    • NEW! Wide Indicator (1.5" width)

    • Indicator flags magnetically coupled together to prevent skipping / missed flags

  • Robust Sch 40 (min) chamber standard construction

  • Models available for interface applications; both total and interface level can be measured

  • Less prone to level fluctuations with foaming applications

  • Attractive alternative to glass gages reducing maintenance, eliminating leak paths, and increasing visibility

  • ASME B31.1 & B31.3 Design

Guided Wave Radar – Dielectric Based Level Measurement

Various GWR manufacturers available based on customer preference

On-board electronic module sends low-power microwave pulses down the GWR probe which are reflected by the process media. Time of flight is measured to determine the process level.

  • Measurement independent of density, conductivity, dielectric constant, and temperature

  • Models available for interface applications; both total and interface level can be provided with one HART signal

  • Measurement unaffected by foam or turbulent surfaces

  • Models available with compensation for steam applications

  • Various GWR manufacturers available based on customer preference

magnetic level indicator with guided wave radar single chamber

MGWRS – Single Chamber Design

  • A slotted internal baffle plate provides separate compartments for the float and GWR probe in a single chamber

  • Compact design minimizes space requirements and potential weight concerns

  • Baffle plate provides inherent benefits of reducing the effects of flashing or plugging with build-up in heavy particulate media

  • Variety of custom arrangements available

  • True redundant level technologies

Chamber cutaway

MGWRD – Dual Chamber Design

  • Separate Magnetic Level Gage and GWR chambers

  • Ability to add valves to independently isolate either device while maintaining operations

  • Arrangements available with process connections off either device

  • Reduces potential for build-up in heavy particulate media

  • FlashProof designs available for flashing or dirty service

  • True redundant level technologies

dual chamber magnetic level indicator with guided wave radar

Common Applications

refining offshore.jpg

Refining / Offshore / Petrochemical

  • Storage Vessels

  • Hydraulic Reservoirs

  • Oil / Gas Seperators

  • Distillation Columns / Trays

  • Isomerization

  • Deethanizer

  • Knockout Drums

  • Desalters

  • Fractionator



  • Storage Vessels

  • Separation Vessels

  • Chemical Reaction / Injection

  • Solvent Tanks

  • Ammonia Tanks

  • Distillation Column / Trays



  • Storage Vessels

  • Steam Drums

  • Feed Water

  • Heating Condensors

  • Deaerators

  • Blowdown Tanks

  • Preflash Drum

  • Reboilers

  • Reflux Accumulator

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