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in tank eductor

In-Line Eductors

In-Line Eductors are the Next Generation of jet pumps, ejectors, and venturi pumps, providing in-line mixing, pumping, or heating in various process lines. Eductors decrease costs as there are no moving parts and require no direct power.


In-Tank Eductors

Designed for "in-tank" applications, Tank Liquid Agitators (TLAs), efficiently use the supplied energy for mixing, blending, heating, aeration, or solid suspension as required.


AccuBlend CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) 
A Jacoby-Tarbox® Program™

Our Engineers will simulate your mixing application in our Accublend CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) program and show you the stages of mixing, including flow and directional velocities, until fully blended.  We can provide the number of TLA’s required for your mixing needs and visually show; velocity profiles, velocity of the fluid in the tank, and a digital video snapshot of your tank being mixed over time.

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