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By combining Guided Wave Radar (GWR) with a Magnetic Level Gage, the Magnicator Guided Wave Radar (MGWR) brings a new standard of assurance to level indication. The MGWR seamlessly integrates two independent level technologies off a single set of process taps for true redundant measurement.

Utilizing Jerguson’s patent pending signal capture technology, the JMT features unsurpassed signal to noise ratio. When installed with the Jerguson Magnicator®’s unique magnetic field, the JMT can be mounted on almost any chamber combination without sacrificing reliability.


reliance boiler trim valves gages

Reliance® Boiler Trim

jerguson glass gages valves magnetic level gages switches


jacoby-tarbox sight flow indicators sight windows


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glass gaskets washers tubular gauges sight flows

Ernst Flow Industries®


ICON Management Systems
(Government & Military Sales)

anderson separators and filter elements

Anderson® Separators &
Filter Elements

vdops and varnish removal systems

Oil Filtration Systems®


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