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  • Kristen Modzelewski

Life Expectancy of a Magnicator

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Over the weekend, we received a question in our online chat, "How long can one reasonably expect a Magnicator to work?" We love a good end of the year question!

If specified and installed properly, and the indicator is maintained, there is no expectation of end-life. There are Magnicators in service from the 1990s and earlier working as designed to this day.

#MaintenanceTip : The Magnicator Magnetic Level Indicator is a simple device which requires a minimum amount of maintenance. The maintenance normally consists of cleaning the chamber. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the process in which it is installed in. When enough foreign matter collects in the chamber to restrict the movement of the float, it will be necessary to isolate the chamber and drain out the accumulation of dirt from the MLI. The chamber can be flushed by using the vent and drain connections.

Always refer to the Installation, Operation, & Maintenance (IOM) Instructions when it comes to these products.

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