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Valued Business Partners,

This message is an update on Clark-Reliance's plans for mitigating risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking important steps to ensure we all navigate through these uncharted times and will be supporting public health recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In order to promote social distancing and help fight the spread of this pandemic we are implementing the following:

  • Most staff are working staggered shifts which allows practical social distancing while maintaining full production capabilities and many staff are working from home

  • All staff are following COVID-19 health and safety protocols, social distancing and the use of masks

  • We have implemented increased disinfection of commonly touched surfaces in our building

  • We have eliminated all non-essential travel and we have eliminated all non-essential visits to our building. All essential visitors MUST schedule visits in advance and all visitors must wear gloves and a face mask

  • We continue to receive parts and equipment from our factory, although contact with delivery personnel is kept to a minimum

  • Rental equipment and spare parts are still available to support any ongoing project work

  • Our technicians and engineers are readily available to provide technical assistance as required

We are committed to serving our customers while ensuring the safety of our employees in this challenging time, and we will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves.

Wishing everyone good health and please stay safe!


Clark-Reliance Management

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