Dear Power Industry Professionals,


Here’s the bad news:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tells us that the single largest use of elemental mercury is in relays in power plants.

And here’s some even worse news:
Many, if not most, mercury-containing level switches have unreliable designs. (They stick and are vibration sensitive) That’s right...these switches are full of poison and are unreliable. Not a good thing.

The good news:
Jerguson has a mercury-free level switch that completely avoids the spring failure that leads to stuck switches. (No more need to “rap” a switch to get a reading, and no more bad readings due to vibration!)
Retrofitting your old switch with a Jerguson doesn’t require any new piping... and in most cases you won’t have to remove the old float housing. Our customers tell us the new switches quickly pay for themselves because they are maintenance-free... eliminating the cost of frequent spring replacement.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation review of your plant’s situation.
For a limited time we’ll send a factory-trained expert to: 1) Help locate your mercury-filled switches 2) Show you how easy it is to retrofit them Call or email today, and we’ll help you “Get the Mercury Out.”

Joe Collura
Jerguson Product Manager