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Armored Glass Level Gages

Jerguson reflex level gages are ideal for clean total level indication applications for refining, petrochemical and general use applications. The reflex prisms are molded and polished to provide a crisp black silver bi-color indication of the fluid level. As light passed into the reflex glass, if there is fluid present the light continues through the glass an impacts the back of the level gage, provided a black color for fluid level regardless of the actual color properties of the process fluid. If fluid is not present, the light is reflected back towards the user providing a shiny silver like appearance to indicate the vapor space.

Jerguson transparent level gages are selected for interface level indication, dirty service or any application that requires the use of a shield to protect the glass from corrosion. A transparent gage is also known as a "thru-vision" gage since the gage is constructed with two pieces of flat polished glass assembled on opposite sides of the level gage chamber. Since the user can see straight through the gage, it is also easy to view the fluid properties, such as color, whereas this would not be possible with a reflex gage. The use of an illuminator is always recommended on a transparent gage.

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