Mahle Industrial Filtration

MAHLE Industrial Filtration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filter systems, equipment and accessories for fluid technology. The product range covers pressure filters, duplex filters, bypass filters, suction filters, return-line filters, breather filters, highly efficient filter elements in standard versions to industrial norm DIN 24550, and accessories, filters and service equipment for the care of hydraulic fluids and lubricants.

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Filter Elements
  Pressure Filters   Duplex Filters    
  Bypass Filters   Spin-on Cartridges   Mahle Suction Filters    
Mahle Return-Line Filters
  Coalescer Filters   Mobile Filter Equipment    
  Mahle Maintenance Indicators   Mahle Turbidity Sensor   Mahle Breather Filters    
  Mahle Air Cleaners   Mahle Oil Mist Collectors   Mahle Oil Mist Collector Unit